CemeCare Inc. (previously P.D. Baker Limited) is a family-owned and operated business based in Uxbridge Township.  The Baker family has provided burial vault and cemetery services for more than 40 years.

The Baker family has been in the concrete pre-cast business for five generations.  In 1907, George W. Baker entered into the concrete block and well tile business in Gormley, Ontario.  George’s son, Lorne G. Baker later joined the business and moved it to Newmarket where his son Lloyd joined and expanded the pre-cast concrete business.  In 1976, Lloyd and his two sons, Paul and Doug purchased their first burial vault forms and started manufacturing and servicing concrete burial vaults based out of Queensville, Ontario.  In addition to operating a burial vault company, the Baker’s continued to provide grave digging and cemetery services for local cemeteries.

In 2003, Paul, Ruth and their son Kevin moved their share of the business (P.D. Baker Ltd o/a Baker Vault Co.) to where it is currently located in Zephyr, Ontario. There, they further expanded the burial vault and grave digging business to provide comprehensive cemetery services including cemetery management and administration, monument foundations, monument restoration, and more.  The company further expanded in 2007 with the purchase of Casey Concrete Products Inc.

With the sudden passing of Paul in 2010, Ruth and Kevin carried on expanding the business and improving the quality of products and service.  P.D. Baker Limited became a full Trigard dealer in 2011 and has since continued to increase the variety of services and Trigard products available to their customers.

On May 1, 2018, we proudly announced that we will be operating as CemeCare, a division of P.D. Baker Limited.  Our new name, CemeCare, better reflects who we are as a Complete Cemetery Solutions organization.  Kevin’s wife, Lindsey, also joined the company in management.

On March 1, 2021, we officially became CemeCare Inc.

On March 1, 2022, upon the previous owner’s retirement, CemeCare purchased Stouffville Monument Works Ltd. which has the distinction of being the oldest operating monument business in Ontario. Since 1839, this company has been dedicated to excellence in customer service and the craftsmanship of a variety of memorials, and is a great fit to expand CemeCare’s vision of providing complete cemetery solutions.

While we continue to provide exceptional burial vault and grave-digging services to our clients, we are increasingly aware of the changes the bereavement sector is going through and we cannot ignore the fact that cemeteries are impacted by these changes. It is our vision to provide cemeteries and funeral service providers with exactly what they need in a dependable and respectful manner, with the best service in the industry.  Alongside a full line of cemetery management, administrative and property services, we also offer expertise in helping boost revenue streams.  Expanding products and services within individual cemeteries is essential to fostering long term vitality as they serve their communities.  We are continuing to expand our operations to meet the need.

Our continual goal is to meet and exceed the needs of the grieving family and the bereavement industry.